Author Topic: Removal of abandoned kingdoms  (Read 1336 times)

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Removal of abandoned kingdoms
« on: November 19, 2015, 12:03:55 AM »
Gizarma is a multiplayer game, right? Hmmm, so the best fun is when all kingdoms are used by active players. This is cruel but very often players abandon their kingdoms very quickly. Well, no problem, it is nice anyway that they tried the game :) Maybe one day another version of Gizarma can attract more players.
But what about abandoned kingdoms?

We decided to systematically remove such kingdoms to free places for other players.
How do we recognize such an abandoned kingdom? We check 3 conditions:

1. The player has not logged in to the game more than 3 days
2. The kingdom age is less than 2 weeks - it does not make sense to free places in advanced game where players are far ahead
3. The player played the game not more than 4 days before he abandoned the game. So if the player put much effort in kingdom development it will not be removed anyway.

All 3 above conditions have to be met. Then Gizarma sends a warning e-mail to owner of the kingdom to give him a chance to login. If he still does not login within following 24h then the kingdom will be removed and the starting position returns to the pool of available starting positions.

Well, the removal mechanism is experimental, so please let us know if you experience a problem that might be related to it.