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Gizarma: Internationalization (0.83)
« on: October 22, 2015, 11:26:06 PM »
Today’s the day - the newest version of Gizarma is finally available!

You can download it directly from Gizarma page:

New features:
1. The major change is that all screens, maps and game texts are now available in English.
2. This release also includes our first steps in player vs player combat - “king of the hill” style. Remember those tower ruins that get you points for rebuilding them? Well, now any player with an army can occupy them - and other places can take it back by force (thanks to Piotr Paulski for the idea!).
3. UI tweaks: unit and new occupation window, group management window.
4. Other minor updates and bug fixes.

Help pages have been migrated to wiki: It contains 2 language versions. However the English one is not fully translated yet. We hope that some Polish players can help us to complete the translation :)

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Have fun!
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